Facebook is the 800-pound gorillia of social media having over 700 million registered members. Facebook members "share" their lives by inviting their friends and family to connect with them. Once they are started to build their network, members can share their thoughts via text and media. Members can also "like" brands and companies by clicking on the "like" button of any facebook member. Facebook is a huge cultural phenomenon whereby 41% of users log in daily to their Facebook account, with 30% of those logging in via a mobile device.

Most brands have established their brand page on facebook. Do you have a Facebook page for your Company? Its a great way to engage your followers and promote your product online. It also allows you to build a one-to-one relationship with your potential customers and help retain current customers. Facebook also allows you to monitor feedback from people using your products. Since Facebook members can post their experiences and interactions with your products or services, every company needs to pay close attention to the "word-of-mouth" feedback. A majority of Facebook users are following one or more brands via Facebook. Of these, 40% bought the product or service from the brand they follow. Can you say "loyalty"?

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