Yelp is a city guide built by an active online community. Yelp user rate and review restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and almost every other public establishment. The opinions of the reviews are based upon thier own experiences, so you usually have a pretty good idea of what to expect after reading Yelp reviews.

Merchants can promote "specials" to various Yelp readers, motivating them to buy from the venue. Merchants are encouraged to "claim" their profile pages and use the pages to promote their business. Every business should have a profile page already setup by Yelp. The merchant just has to claim it and start marketing their venue to Yelp users. Merchants should be reading the reviews posted about their business, responding to the reviews, and encouraging visitors to write about their experiences in a positive manner in order to "game" the system.

In response to GroupOn and Living Social and tons of other "Deal" Sites, Yelp has recently also launched Yelp deals, providing consumers with hyper-discounts on local retail services.

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