Twitter is a simple text tool that allows users to "Tweet", post text via a microblog, about anything they'd like to send out to the world to read. Twitter is known as a broadcast tool, meaning that you are tweeting content and broadcasting it out for others to read. People can follow you if they find you interesting, or unfollow you if they change their mind about the relevance of the content you are posting. All "tweets" are limited to 140 characters so you have to be concise on your messaging.

You can tweet out to the whole world, to a specified group of followers, or just a group that is related to a specific topic.

Twitter is a very popular tool for business to utilize. Major Brands like Coke, Comcast, Home Depot, and GE use it. Small businesses can use it just as easily. It can be used in both the B2C and B2B environment. Some businesses use it to promote their business or products while other businesses use it to collect customer service feedback and respond to the issues as well. A good rule-of-thumb for twitter is to post 9 informational tweets to every 1 promotional tweets related to your business or product. Most people do not want to be spammed continuously. If you want to lose followers on twitter, then spamming them is the way to do it.

Twitter has over 170 million users, mainly residing in the USA. 27 % of these users log in daily, and 37% of the twitter users login in via some kind of mobile device. Accounting for over 54 billion tweet messages a month, twitter has a large footprint in the social media space. Since the search engines are montioring twwets, relenant messages can help your web site and products in terms of the search engine results.

So how are you using twitter to promote your business or products? Are you on of the 20% of Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMB's) that are using twitter as part of their marketing strategy, or part of the 80% of SMB's that are still trying to figure it out? Do you have a twitter strategy? What is your competition doing on twitter in terms of competitive advantage?

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