Location-Based Marketing

The old adage " location, Location, Location" has never proved to be so true. But what do you do if your business doesn't have the best location? How do you attract new customers at an affordable price point? The answer is obviously location-based marketing. Location-based marketing is also known as Hyper-Local Marketing and "Just-in-time" Marketing. It allows you to run specials that incentivize your most loyal customers or attract new customers.


With over 200 million "smart-phones" in the US, location-based marketing has empowered potential customers to engage with your business. With a GPS enabled phone you can market to clients that are physically near your business based upon the proximity of the GPS phone to your businesses' physical Latitiude and Longitude. You can now advertise at a low cost your products and services to nearby potential customers in the area. Location based marketing allows businesses to be found when customers are nearby. The "check-in" phenomena of new location-based smart-phone applications allows you to promote your business in a way that was not previously available.

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Promote Your Business with Social Media

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