LinkedIn is similar to FaceBook, but with dressed up in a business suit, meaning that it is soley business centric. LinkedIn is really a business networking tool for individuals to post their career history (read resume) and to connect to people they have worked with both currently and previously. Users are encouraged to build a network of connections and then leverage those connections to engage further connections. It is using the "6 degrees of seperation rule" associated with Kevin Bacon. By connecting to someone, and then seeing who they are connected with in their circle of influence, you can reach out to almost anyone in the world and get introduced via your immediate connections, and their cinnections, and their connections, etc.

There are currently over 70,000 recruiters that use LinkedIn to research and find job candidates that fit the current job search parameters.

As a business, you can tape into the 100 million LinkedIn users by building a Business LinkedIn page. With over 50 million LinkedIn user in the USA alone, this is a great way to promote your business in the search engines and in various databases. By building and manageing a LinkedIn business page, you can profile your business, display the various employees who also have individual Linkedin profiles, and highlight the latest news about your Company. Many sales people and business development teams also use LinkedIn for researching potential businesses to call on. Hoovers has even integrated with LinkedIn to supplement their database of profiled businesses. By building your Company page, you can position and message to consumers, post a link to your Company web site (good for search engine traffic, too), and engage with over 100 million users about your product or service. Do you have a LinkedIn business page for your Company? How does it compare to your competitions LinkedIn business page?

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