FourSquare is a GPS enabled application that allows smartphone users to "check-in" to a retail venues absed upon the GPS location they are at currently with their smartphone. FourSquare is like a game, in that:

  • FourSquare users are awarded points per check-in, like a game.
  • Users can also earn or unlock virtual badges on their smartphone by checking in at locations with certain tags, for check-in frequency, or for other patterns such as time of check-in.
  • Users can also earn "Mayorship" by being the person who checks-in the most at a location over a duration of time.
  • FourSquare also allows users to be rewarded for their FourSquare loyalty by getting discounts or specials from retail merchants.
  • FourSquare users compete with their networked friends to see who can earn the most points on an ongoing basis.

FourSquare is a dynamic marketing medium to reach out to buyers that are physically nearby. Merchants can change their specials or discounts on-the-fly, and FourSquare does not charge merchants for using FourSquare to promote themselves via the basic FourSquare service. FourSquare lends itself brilliantly to just-in-time marketing or hyperlocal marketing. Merchants can run speical sbased upon what is happening NOW based upon their inventory or promotional ideas. As of the end of June 2011, the number of Foursquare users topped 10 million. That is a 5 million user increase (100%) from December 2010. FourSquare now handles about 3 million user check-ins daily.

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