Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the use of keywords and keyword phrases to assist the search engine in indexing your web page for the proper terms. Done properly, it helps skew your search engine results. Normally, a web page is indexed by a search engine for the content (text or copy) found upon the page. Without the proper keyword research, the writing of keyword centric content, your web page may be found for a topic that you did not intend, thereby distracting readers from what they were searching for. This creates higher bounce rate (the percentage of unique visitors leaving your web site immediately upon arrive because its not the content or subject matter they were searching for). Search engine optimization is also called organic search or natural search because it is using the content on the web page and inbound links to classify the content and ranking of each web page by the search engines. SEO is an initiative you under take as a stratgic effort. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) is is not buying traffic to your web site, but instead taking a longer term view, say 6 months, to get your web pages ranking for the content that they suppossedly contain.

Key Points about SEO

  • Keyword Phrases - limited to two keyword phrases per page; unique to that page
  • Meta Tags - title tags and description tags should be addressed first after keyword research
  • At least 250 words per page
  • SEO is strategic in nature, take the long-term perspective
  • Keyword density should not exceed 6% of the totel words on the page
  • Inbound links to your web page from oither web sites has a greater impact on your web sites ranking than the content you have on your web site. "Off-page" links pointing to your web site will actually account for a over half of your natural search page rank.
  • Focus on individual pages, not the home page. Each page should rank for specific keywords. Your home page is just the front door for people that know your company. Properly optimized pages will rank separately from the home page for a topic and bring in people who did not type your company name into a search engine.

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